Carbage Can – No one’s thought of this! Kickstarter

My name is Raymond Furgason, and I just wanted to let you know about our new project on Kickstarter on Sept 12th. The project is called Carbage Can. There really hasn’t been the concept of having a trashcan in our cars. This will open up the eyes of most American people and realize there is a solution to keeping their car clutter free and clean!


The Best Topple-Proof Trash Can for Your Car

Keeping your car clean ought to be easy, but it is not always convenient. Carbage Can is the solution that you have been waiting for.

Countless hours of engineering went into designing this product! I sized it perfectly to repurpose grocery bags. Finally, you can put real use to all those extra plastic grocery bags shoved away under your sink. This product is also environmentally friendly as the raw material I will be using is 100% recycled plastic!